Premier full line manufacturers of networking and telecommunications cables and assemblies.

Cypress Industries offers a wide array of ready made fiber optics products and components including couplers, test fixtures, loopbacks, mode-conditioning cables, ribbon fiber, transceivers, and patch panels. In addition, fusion splicers enable us to manufacture all types of attenuated fibers with any combination of connectors. 

Cypress Industries NEW patented SC to LC Adapter allows SC cables to be plugged into LC equipment, even in tight spaces!

All Cypress Industries products are 100% inspected and tested, and compliant with Telcordia GR326. For singlemode, DORC Interferometer testing is available upon request.

Please call to inquire about any fiber optic cable pricing for any part numbers. If you do not see the pictures on fiber optics cables you desire, and need more clarification before ordering, please call or email to have additional fiber optic cable pictures sent to you. 

NEW Patent Pending SC/LC Adapter allows SC cables to be plugged into LC equipment & rotates 90 degree's! 

Available adapters include:
LC to LC Adapter 
SC to SC Adapter
SC to LC Adapter
ST to ST Adapter 
ST to SC Adapter  
FC to FC Adapter 
FC to SC Adapter 
FC to ST Adapter 
Hybrid Adapters

Cypress Industries is a fiber optic cable supplier and manufacturer able to provide a full line of fiber optic cables in both single and multi-mode, simplex, duplex and multistrand. 

All Cypress Industries fiber optics cable products are 100% inspected and electronically tested.

We build any type of polish and are able to use any type of connector available on the market. Popular connector types include SC, ST, LC, FC, FDDI, OptiJack, MTP, MTRJ, MU & ESCON. We also have the ability to build Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) at our factories in Asia per your order. 

All attenuators are available in multiple dB increments and wavelengths. Please call for any products not listed, most are available as duplex attenuators and simplex attenuators. 
SC Fiber Attenuator 
ST Fiber Attenuator 
LC Fiber Attenuator 
FC Fiber Attenuator 
Pigtail Fiber Optical Attenuators 
Optical Loopback Attenuators 
Gap Fiber Optic Attenuators 
Fusion Splicer Attenuators 
Bulkhead Fiber Optic Attenuators (Various Connectors) 
CAT Networking Cables

Cypress Industries Patch Cables are RJ45-RJ45, 4-pair 24AWG, PVC or Plenum Jacketed Patch Cords. They are available in 500Mhz, 350Mhz or 350-500 MHZ, and various colors, Shielded or Unshielded, No Boots, Standard Boots or Molded Boots, with Straight Through or Crossover Pin-Outs.  All Cypress Industries patch cables are 100% electronically tested. Stock Cables are listed below. For special pin-outs and custom lengths please call for part numbers and availability.  For X in the parts number table below, substitute the letter(s) for the desired color:  

Networking Adapters
CAT5E Inline Couplers
Advanced Manufacturing and Design Services
Computer Cables

Cypress Industries manufactures and stocks a large variety of computer cables and computer peripheral cable assemblies. These products include but are not limited to: 

Locking Mini-Din Cables
USB Cables
Serial Cables
DB9, DB15, DB25 cables
KVM (Keyboard, Video, Monitor zip cables)

Cypress Industries manufactures and stocks a large variety of video computer cables in various lengths for different applications. These products include but are not limited to: 
SVGA(HD15)  |  13W3  |  VGA  |  SVGA to 5 BNC(RGB)with Ferrite (Molded)

Digital Video Interface(DVI) Cable Models 
DVI to DVI Single Link TMDS Cable Assembly, Multiple Lengths 
DVI to DVI Dual Link TMDS Cable Assembly, Multiple Lengths 
DVI to VGA Cable Assembly, Multiple Lengths 

Custom cable lengths and pin-outs for these types of cables can also be manufactured very quickly in the U.S. or in Asia. 

Custom RF Cables

Cypress Industries manufactures a large variety of custom RF Cables and custom coaxial cable assemblies both in the Austin, Texas and in Asia. Some of these different coaxial cable types and RF connector types are listed in the tables below. 

Cypress Industries specializes in manufacturing RF cables and coaxial cable assemblies in our Austin Texas and China manufacturing facilities. We manufacture large volumes of cables with different types of RG 59, RG 62, semi-rigid

and RG6 coaxial cable in Quad Shield and Tri Shield with BNC, F and various different types of coaxial connectors in our facilities in China. Most connectors are available with different material types, bulkhead, right angle and more. 

Some of the applications these rf cables may be used for are Video, Ethernet, T-3 / E-3, IBM, Networking and many others. Please call for specific part numbers, and specific custom coaxial cables. Custom RF RF Cables and coaxial cable assemblies can be manufactured with generic or name brand coaxial wire. Some brand names are Belden, CommScope, Andrew, Coleman, Harbour and Thermax. Cypress Industries can manufacture your RF cables or coaxial cable assemblies utilizing your existing BOM’s, or by supplying alternatives/equivalents that may be more cost competitive.
With a manufacturing facility in Austin Texas we support customers across the USA. For inquiries in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio we have sales representatives for weekly visits if requested, and next day ground deliveries.
For additional types of cable assemblies that Cypress Industries provides, please visit our Custom Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturer page that has options for many different types of cables.
Custom Power Cables

Cypress Industries manufactures custom power cables and cords from many countries with applicable approval ratings upon request. We specialize in specialty custom power cords. Many of these types of cables have custom power cable that may be used in P.O.S. (Point of Sale) applications. Because of the configurations needed for many of these cables, they require right angle hoods on the power cables. Should you require a right angle power cable please call for specific part numbers.

Cypress Industries manufactures heavy duty power cords for high current (Amp) uses. These custom power cables are overmolded at our factories in China. In addition to some of our

heavy duty power cables, some of our specialty power cables also include products such as clear molded connectors with LED power indicators, retractable power cord reels (low and high current), custom switch power cords, and custom molded power cables.
Green energy is becoming extremely popular. With new energy generating devices, custom power cables must be manufactured in order to connect those products to batteries, or “the-grid”. Cypress Industries manufactures all types of customer power cables. Some examples of customer power cables are:

Power cables
Solar Panel cables
For literally all your cabling and accessory needs.
You may view a full list of these part numbers below, or to order our networking cables online please click the shop online link below:

Austin, TX
Our Most Popular Cable and Accessory Products
Cypress Industries NEW patented SC to LC Adapter. With 90 degree rotation, this unique adapter makes for connections in the tightest spaces. 

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Supplying all your networking cable types and fully tested to meet your demanding performance requirements. 

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Supplying all your fiber networking cable types and attenuators and fully tested to meet your demanding performance requirements. 

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Delivering proven performance with every order!
Supplying all your CUSTOM cable needs. Whether it's OptiCom Mini DIN to RJ50 communications cables or  Console serial DB9 to RJ45 cables, Cypress Industries can custom manufacture to meet all your needs.

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