Carl started his career with a passion for broad knowledge total solutions applications; electronics, networking, power and telecommunications and technologies in field engineering services and support-
Founded Johnson Security Controls, Owner and Security Services and Support Representative-
   Audio/video covert criminal investigations, analysis and reporting
Dictaphone Corporation, Inc. Field Engineering Representative and Austin, TX Branch Manager; a Pitney Bowes company-
   Advanced analog/digital audio capture and distributions systems-
   IHS systems integration, support and training for the healthcare industry 
   IVS and CRS systems integration, support and training for 911 Dispatch, 911 PSAP and PBX Trunking integration
   Kurzweil and proprietary voice recognition systems technologies integration, support and training   
   Third-Party systems build, integration, service and support-
   Hughes Network Systems, Inc. satellite systems build, integration and support
   Panasonic Satellite Systems, Inc. commercial, Direct PC/Direct TV integration, support and training
   VTEL, Pierce-Phelps and Galaxy Video Teleconferencing systems PBX/telecommunications integration, support and training
   Technical service/sales responsible for the Behren's Pharmacy national sales account
Founded Integral Computing Solutions (ICS) Owner and Business IT/IS Services and Support Representative-
   Early Enterprise Business System Builds - IT/IS PC/Server systems sales, services and 24/7 support
   3rd-party Dictaphone technical repair & deployment, Telecommunications and video conferencing sales, service and support

And through an introduction into the world of intelligent transportation systems technologies, Carl found a new passion for his technical acumen in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)-
TxDOT Austin District ITS Technician II-
   District ITS systems integration, ITS projects administration, ITS systems support and training-
   District SONET network integration, support and ITS operations training
   Freeway camera, DMS, System Detector, LCS, HAR systems integration, deployment, operations and support
   ITS project Inspection, ITS contractor project plan development and ITS plan review
   Assisted DOT Division and TTI in Beta testing of vehicular detection systems; Wavetronix, RTMS, SAS, Iteris and Autoscope VIVDS
Paradigm Traffic Systems, Inc. Sales Engineering Representative-
   ITS sales, support, systems integration and training including ITS market lines expansion and Manufacturer representation
   Provided IT technical networking and engineering design for Clientele wireless and wireless systems
City of Fort Worth ITS Systems Analyst-
   ITS Program revival; TPW ITS and Emergency Management ITS systems common operating picture integration and support
   Homeland Security CCTV and wireless Design/Build project development, integration, operations and support
   Railroad Program A/V analytics Design/Build Quiet Zone and RR Crossing detection systems project development integration,   
   operations and support
Co-founded JOSH Transportation Systems, Inc. 2010 - President and Sales Engineering and Support Representative
Dymec, Inc., Dymec American Industrial, CyberSecure Networking Solutions, National Support Specialist, 2021 to present
BlueWARRIOR™ Smart Lock Systems, National Product Specialist, 2021 to present
Your JOSHTS Representatives
Thom started his sales career in the genre that first captured his passion; networking and electronics technologies; a passion that has carried him through challenges and firsts across the network and video marketplace-
Digital Solutions, Inc. Sales Engineering Representative
   Compaq Computer Corp Salesman of the Year responsible for the startup sales to Compaq Computer that launched the company. 
Synernetix, Inc. Regional Sales Engineering Manager
CMC, Inc. Regional Sales Engineering Manager
Timeplex, Inc. Regional Sales Engineering Manager
Xyplex, Inc. Regional Sales Engineering Manager
Computer Networking Associates (CNA) National Sales Engineering Manager
   FDDI/ATM networking technologies marketing, systems integration and team building
   Ethernet bus comm technologies marketing and sales team building for Multibus, Qbus, Unibus deck product lines and integration
   Directed sales of Frame Relay, X.25 communications and expansion networking solutions and integration
   Directed the first introduction of fully functional mid-plane Ethernet switches and first generation blades
   Directed the nationwide systems sales of LAN copper/fiber systems

And with the introduction of the Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies, Thom found a new home for his sales and sales engineering accumen in transportation-
EtherWAN, Inc. Regional and National Sales Engineering Manager
Cornet, Inc. Regional Sales Engineering Manager
Citilog, Inc. Regional Sales Engineering Manager
   Directed comprehensive Ethernet switch sales line that included the first deployment of hardened Ethernet switches in the U.S.A.
   Directed sales of advanced video encoding, decoding and network video streaming transport technologies
   Directed sales for the introduction of video analytics detection and alarming technologies
Co-founded JOSH Transportation Systems, Inc. 2010 - Vice President and National Sales Manager in Sales Engineering
Dymec, Inc., Dymec American Industrial, CyberSecure Networking Solutions, National Sales Manager 2021 to present
BlueWARRIOR™ Smart Lock Systems, National Sales Manager, 2021 to present
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